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Chad L. Smith

Organizational Change Management (OCM) Manager

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I am an Organizational Change Management Manager with Atos Breakaway Adoption Solutions. I have more than 15 years of experience in educational management, leading teams of up to 25 people, including instructional designers, multimedia developers, instructional technologists, communications experts, and various business analysts, to successfully implement business solutions. My vast experience with business analysis, project management, and PMO functions has allowed me to excel when implementing change within various corporations. I enjoy the change management process of defining the project, analyzing business needs, planning the strategy, implementing and managing the change, while evaluating change to ensure success.

I hold a terminal degree in education from the University of West Florida. My knowledge of the scientific, educational process of how learners understand new information succinctly allows me to ensure implemented change is understood and adopted quickly throughout any organization. With the profound experience I have gained across executive leadership, operations, management, and education, I can successfully consult on change management solution.

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” H.S.T.

Phone : + (727) 228-0215
Email : Chackras@gmail.com
Website : www.Chackras.com
Location : Dunedin, Florida

  • Change Managment Consultant
  • Excutive Coach & Consultant
  • Learning Solutions Consultant


    • 01
      Organizational Change Management (OCM) Manager

      Atos Breakaway Adoption Solutions

      As a Change Management Specialist, I analyze organizational change needs for corporations to pinpoint improvements in their organizational processes and prescribe the best solutions to meet the desired outcomes. I manage a team to create and maintain project plans and budgets, tracking the effort, schedule, and resources to achieve the client's change goals. Further, I manage application coaching networks to plan and conduct leadership activities throughout the organi`ation. I build and maintain outstanding relationships with the client's executive team, leadership, operational, and other critical roles to ensure a smooth transition from Business Development throughout fulfillment.


    • 02
      Instructional Designer

      Ultimate Medical Academy

      Introduced xAPI, and paved the way for implementation. Brought gamification, branching scenarios, story implementation, AR/VR, and GPS technology to the college driving innovation. Project manager for several course overhauls. Collaborated with the Deans, Program Directors and Subject Matter Experts to pinpoint curriculum issues and produced learning materials to meet desired learning outcomes. Led the implementation, design, and development of the Medical Scribe Endorsement Module. Supplied data targeting and analysis for the Medical Administrative Assistance, Medical Office Billing, and General Education programs. Designed many educational materials for eLearning. My visual storyboarding process with claims analysis was adopted as a company standard. Designed in Adobe XD for prototyping; which, has been adopted as a best practice. Developed in Captivate, and Story Line 360; the only ID to produce educational products from conception to implementation. Directed quality assurance for the Instructional Technologist assigned to me. Managed courses for routine maintenance in the Blackboard Learning Management System.


    • 03
      Enterprise Pursuits

      Learning Solutions Manager – CEO

      Designed and developed data tools for various companies to track learner behavior, success, and leaning outcomes utilizing xAPI. Developed micro-learning to increase sales and train employees on standard operating procedures. Introduced augmented reality to help students have a hands-on kinesthetic eLearning environment. Wrote several successful grants, and helped companies rebrand themselves. Consulted on best practices within many learning departments to improve learning within the companies. Worked with corporate entities and non-profits to build robust learning environments, choose LMs, and deliver materials in the best manor for the company. Specialized in gamification, storytelling, branching scenarios, and adaptive learning.


    • 04
      Instructional Designer

      Designers for Learning 501(c)(3)

      Evaluate and revise open educational resources for adult basic education programs. Redevelopment of various instructional materials for adult educators and learners in the Adult Learning Zone group on OER Commons; aligned with College and Career Readiness Standards that are the frameworks for high school equivalency exams and other adult basic education programs. Develop and incorporate all necessary content presentation, learner practice, and assessment materials for instruction. Provide guidance for instructors regarding use of these materials. Participant in a service-learning project culminating in a Certificate of Recognition for instructional design services rendered.


    • 05

      High School, Fl

      Applied and received a grant from the University of South Florida through Teaching Point for Algebra 1 teachers that provided curriculum, and instructional tools for teachers. Gathered student data through formative and summative assessments ensuring student progression and successful completion of learning targets. Tutored at risk students after hours to ensure success passing required state assessments for graduation. Developed various class curriculums, and effective instructional experiences for traditional and blended environments; which, produced student gains in all instructional areas taught. Established formative and summative assessments to gauge lesson effectiveness and student retention that produced desired learning outcomes. Worked closely with disabled students to modify state curriculum, and classroom lessons differentiating and adapting material to align with individual student ability. Designed subject matter curriculum to promote reflective thinking, socialization of the learners, while utilizing community laboratory learning. Student alternative assessment data ranked my class in the to 25th percentile in the school district. Developed individual education plans, personalized transition plans, and student employment goals. Acted as a subject matter specialist to guide and facilitate student learning daily to achieve maximum results. Established learning materials to deliver lectures on government structure and economics. Utilized technology to develop a gameified virtual stock market content lesson allowing students to trade in real-time using life-like portfolio volatility over the course of a semester. All students passed the necessary state and county assessments required for graduation. Acted as a member of the school curriculum and lesson design team aligning common core standards to social sciences lessons. Used individual student data to create profiles that focused on student learning needs to pinpoint and correct necessary areas of improvement. Collected student feedback to modify and improve course development.


    • 07
      Student Assistant Football Operations

      University of Arkansas

      Supervised staff members to develop and train them in the daily operations of the Razorback Football Program. Represented the football program to outside vendors coordinating and organizing all aspects of special events to ensure proper operations. Worked with coaching staff and support staff to maintain effective athletic training, tutoring, educational progression, player development, position improvement, and athlete well-being.



    • 01
      University of West Florida

      Doctorate in Education

      Curriculum and Instruction: Specializing in curriculum and assessment design, development, evaluation, and implementation.


    • 02
      University of West Florida

      Specialist in Education

      Curriculum and Instruction: Graduated Cum Laude.


    • 03
      Ohio University

      Masters of Science in Education

      Recreation and Sport Sciences with a Concentration in Coaching Education: Graduated Maxima Cum Laude


    • 04
      University of Arkansas

      Bachelors of Science in Education

      Physical Education K-12, Wellness and Leisure with a Certification in Coaching Education




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    • Change Management
    • Instructional Design
    • Risk Mangment
    • Project Managment
    • Educational Theory
    • Research Methods
    • Leadership Managment
    • Behavior Managment
    • Creativity 92%
    • Leadership 97%
    • Communication 95%
    • English 100%
    • American Sign Lanuage 50%
    • Business Strategy Consultation 92%
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